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Monday, March 12, 2007

Suzuki update-

I'm gonna paint it.

Right now the tank and tail section actually match and are original but they are 26 years old. The front fender and side covers have a recent dark grey metallic color on them. I think I'm going to paint everything dark grey and then add some red and white pinstripe tape or red and white trim of some kind. I think I'd like some scallops like the So-Cal hot rods on the fender and tank.

I'm not going to try to make it into a show bike paint job but I will get everything that needs it sanded smooth before putting on the new paint. I think I may have a local automotive paint shop match up the color I already have and load it into a couple aerosol cans for spraying. I'm going to try to get it painted this week while the weather is turning real nice and while I wait for the airbox parts to arrive.

Tonight I flushed the rear brake system fluid and tomorrow I'll do the front brakes. Its 65 degrees here and I'm getting anxious to get this beast on the road!

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